Wednesday, 21 March 2018

starting ebay..

Real wood frames I think, so the cost of postage anywhere but the UK is more than the items !!

I'm still looking for the pattern id and dates for the creamer and gravy boat I want to list..more work for tonight.

I wont be bored or at a loss while the Pirate is away...I'll be too busy!!

Tuesday, 20 March 2018


Or should it be equilux?

The light it is that affects us, whether it is insufficient daylight, or excess illumination at night.

We have yet to catch a glimpse of the Aurora, even when it has been seen as far south as here. Not just clouds, but the glow of unnecessary street lighting.

We grew up with having a lamp to carry if you went out at night and stars in the if you do get real dark, people are afraid of it. Something tangible that yet cannot be touched.

Today has felt different..a little lifting of the heart maybe.

Something to carry us on through the next forecast snow/heavy weather at Eastertide.

panorama from prom to prom


Sunset and Moonset from Prestwick.

I think I need to use a tripod!

Monday, 19 March 2018


Pirate is busy packing his bike for a month's trip to Brisbane...he has been gifted a ticket to go with a friend.
They'll stay with friends of Vic for awhile, and visit others who'll never travel perhaps the last chance..

The kiln shed is practically done, and one of my jobs this next month is to clear out non-workshop stuff from the well as 1001 other things...

Sunday, 18 March 2018

doors on..ready for more weather..

and a doorstep. Eventually doorstep level will be floor level..probably...

Dressing for the weather isn't elegant..but what we're getting is nothing compared to other countries. We have just got out of the habit of cold winters and snow.  Now, having disrupted the climate we should be prepared for anything.
Some areas of Britain have had 20 cm of snow, but we're missing it this time.Its just rather cold and very windy, making it colder still.  I look around at my garden and wonder what will have survived by the time the Spring really does arrive.

shedding on in the cold

Painting before breakfast!   Real dedication.

No snow here, but cold and windy, with ten degrees of windchill.