Wednesday, 18 October 2017

back printing

At last I've got the print run on Galston Trees finished...all being well.
Blotting gently tomorrow to speed drying, then just add patience!

I need to rethink packaging because the Mail cardboard box is just too small for a framed print and only just big enough for an unframed print .

At last,house progress

 But of course they haven't finished....
 There is also the smallproblem,that if you fit metric downpipes to imperial don't get a seal, and water runs anywhere but down the pipes.

Meanwhile the Pirate's shed now has a shelter over the door.
Not as straightforward a job as had been hoped...but it looks good and its done!

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

and breathe....

The wind has gradually subsided and it has been a beautiful day today.

The scaffolding has been taken down from our house, although the gutterings weren't cleaned as promised and the stench pipe from the drains needs to be two or three feet higher and capped.....
Just keep on at them was the advice from the crew removing the scaffolding.

We went out to be out of their way, got prices on building materials for the future, went to collect my prints from a cafe (on holiday for a week..) did a little shopping and had coffee and cake in a new cafe.

We got out in the sun and fresh air, making the Pirate feel tired but better (Man Flu !!)

Put the washing on the line when we arrived home, and rushed another lot through..wont dry today, but it has started drying.

The plan had been get printing..everything is out ready..

Now at least I'll pack and weigh a print so that I may price the P+P.

One of those days that seems to have its own ideas as to what will get done......

Monday, 16 October 2017

dust and ashes

Hurricane Ophelia is bringing us dust and ashes from the fires in Iberia, possibly with added Saharan Sand.

Sunday, 15 October 2017


The wind has been up since last night, and is gradually increasing, obviously as hurricane Ophelia draws near.
It is drawing up southern air, and I have doors and windows open to let in the warm fresh air!
The sun is bright on the coloured cherry leaves that are left clinging on to next door's tree-no doubt they'll be gone by tomorrow night.

Pirate is adding a shelter over his shed door,thanks to my brother for some shed roofing offcuts. I'm checking that all is tied down before the storm.

Wednesday, 11 October 2017